Smoke #2 ROCKED

The Best Meat I ever had! (Nikki)

Those were some of the comments I got from the first bite of my super good smoke pork loin. It was so good people. I have some left over so if you want to come over and try…be my guest.

This let me tell you how I did it.
I cut the 8.75 pound loin in two. I froze half and prepped the other.
To prep I left the meat covered in salt over night. Really, I just drenched it in salt.

The next morning I removed the salt with water and quickly dried off the meat. It felt really weird. But I was going to trust the process. Then I covered the mean with a mixture of Trader Joes BBQ sauce and Mr. Yoshida’s teriyaki sauce. I covered the meat with the mixture and let is set while I went and prepped the smoker.

I got the smoker going with my new charcoal starter and I used 3 bottles of beer in the “wet bowl” of the smoker. I put the meat in at 10:00am and took it out at 4:30pm or so. I had to keep telling myself to trust the process. I DID and was rewarded with some of the best meat I have ever eaten.

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