So I am on a mission.

I want to start my project–BACON. I know where I am going to get my pork belly. I have the bags I am going to cure it in; and I have the space in the fridge. But I need PINK SALT. No, not salt that is pink. Pink Salt is a special salt that is used in curing meat. It is needed so no one will get Botulism!!!!!!  I would go into detail about what it really is–but pink salt #1 will do.

So I have been searching high and low for PS1.  I could just simply go to Amazon and buy it online.  But my problem is that to get a little bit I have to pay a bunch for shipping.  Or I could use my Amazon Prime account but then I can only order a ton of it.  So my search went on and on.  I called around and I found it.  Organgevale Meat Shoppe sells it.  YEA!!!!!!! They are 5 minutes from my house.

So here is where my fun starts.  I called to double check they really have it (and the pork belly).  My first question was about the belly.  They had them frozen, but they have them.  Then comes the salt question.

Me-“Yes, I was wondering if you sell curing salt, you know the pink number 1.”

Meat Nazi (this is my name for them at this point, kind of like the Soup Nazi from Seinfeld)-“Yes, I sell it.”

Me-“Great, how much is it?”

Meat Nazi, “Ha, I am the only one that sells it in town and you are worried about the price.”

Me (surprised/horrified look on my face-“Ummm, Im sorry I was just curious.” (Mind you I was driving, with my head set, at the time and that is why I was not more angry)

Meat Nazi-“Well its not like I am going to make a profit on it, I think it is like $2.00 per pound.”

Me-“Thank you”  and click.

I was like what the hell is the matter with me asking the price of a product at your shop.  I might be blowing it out of proportion, but I think it was kind of rude then.  Now I think it is kind of funny.  And now I have a new name for my butcher shop—the Meat Nazi.

I was not planning on giving them any of my business after that, but I admit I went and bought the salt today and I got 8 pounds of pork belly.  They are frozen, but that will not stop me from making some of the best freaking bacon EVER.  Directions and pictures to follow.


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