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Just In Time

I am learning a very important lesson today. In a effort to save money we have been buying meat in bulk. I cut it up and make other things. Well I have learned that you have to be on the ball when doing sausage. Im rushing to try to get this next batch done so the meat does not go bad. So my advice to you is to be prepared to process your cuts ASAP

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Name Me

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A Name

OK, so while I am sitting here waiting for my wife to bring me some more pineapple for my sausage I was doing a little day dreaming. I was dreaming that I could use this new hobby to start making personalized sausages for people. People would place their orders and I would whip up a batch using the flavorings and additions that they want. In my dream this personalized sausage making spun into a romantic restaurant. I would have like 20 tables and make it very personal. I would make people everything from simple sausage to glorious steaks. There would be duck and sweet breads and so much more. Because it would be small it would create a desire to get in. Maybe I could even get Nikki to come in and use her magic to make bread and her other recipes.
I wanted to do this with my friend Brett because we would name the place BJ’s, but then we found out there was a place already named that and the sexual innuendo was lost. So I need help thinking of a name for my dream restaurant. My first suggestion is: THE HOT SAUSAGE.
Take the poll and tell me what you think.

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Sausage Sunday

Today is going to be a busy day. I have two sets of sausage I want to make.
1) I’m going to make andouille again. Why? It was good. Plus I want to make some homemade jambalaya with it.
2) Next I’m going to make my own no recipe Asian inspired sausage. It’s going to have pineapple and teriyaki in it.

AND I might find time to start the hot dogs.
Wish me luck.

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I know it has been a few days (maybe weeks) since I have posted. Well, how could this be a hobby if I could do it evey day. 🙂

So Nikki and I discovered a great surprise, WE SAVED SO MUCH MONEY LAST MONTH BY BUYING BULK AND MAKING SAUSAGE AND STUFF. It really was not a surprise but rather a fact that we like to see. So today we went back to Costco and bought some wonderful meat. I got another 13 pounds of pork shoulder and a super big pork loin. I am going to make pork chops out of the loin and more andouille out of the shoulder. We just loved the sausage so much that I am going to do it one more time. But I also got meat to make my own hot dogs. Yes, to hell with Ball Park, I will be making Jeff Parks. I am not using beef but I am going to use pork spare rib meat. It will be good. The only thing I was not able to get was the pork back fat. I wil have to go to the butcher for that. I will write more soon.

Until then ENJOY MY SAUSAGE…… 🙂

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