I know it has been a few days (maybe weeks) since I have posted. Well, how could this be a hobby if I could do it evey day. 🙂

So Nikki and I discovered a great surprise, WE SAVED SO MUCH MONEY LAST MONTH BY BUYING BULK AND MAKING SAUSAGE AND STUFF. It really was not a surprise but rather a fact that we like to see. So today we went back to Costco and bought some wonderful meat. I got another 13 pounds of pork shoulder and a super big pork loin. I am going to make pork chops out of the loin and more andouille out of the shoulder. We just loved the sausage so much that I am going to do it one more time. But I also got meat to make my own hot dogs. Yes, to hell with Ball Park, I will be making Jeff Parks. I am not using beef but I am going to use pork spare rib meat. It will be good. The only thing I was not able to get was the pork back fat. I wil have to go to the butcher for that. I will write more soon.

Until then ENJOY MY SAUSAGE…… 🙂

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