A Gift To My Mother

So we were celebrating my Mom’s birthday over the weekend. She has been a wonderful inspiration in my life. I would get into more detail about that, but this is a meat blog not a sappy one!

Now back to meat. So my mom wanted a “normal” BBQ for her birthday. That means hamburgers and hotdogs. How can anyone improve on the hamburger and hotdog theme. Well I DID. Yes, I made my own blend of meat to make one of the most wonderful burgers that you have ever had. I will admit that the meat takes a little more love on the flame but it is so worth it. AMAZING.

So are you ready to hear about it? Are you? OK fine, I will solve your curiosity but it will make your mouth water. The burger is the combination of three meats.
1) Pork Shoulder (2 Pounds)
2) Bacon (2 Pounds)
3) California Tri-Tip (2 Pounds)

Go Ahead take a break and get a napkin to wipe your drool. I will wait.

It was awesome. The extra fat and flavor that the bacon and pork shoulder gave was wonderful. I also put in several spices including garlic, dried chives, and marjoram.

I am willing to make more if anyone wants to have their own Master Blended mixture. Just email me and we can chat. jeffkukral@sbcglobal.net

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