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17 July, 2012 01:52

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Making Bacon

Making Bacon

So recently a friend of mine asked me to make her some bacon as a gift for her Dad.  How could I say no!  So far bacon is my favorite product to make.  All it takes is some time, 8 days to be exact, and some love.  I went and got her a 5 pound slab and started the curing process 8 days ago.  I just placed it in the smoker as you may be able to see.  In about 2 more hours she will have the best thing to hit her tongue.  I would not be surprised if dear old Dad never sees the bacon.  ITS THAT GOOD!!!!  If you have never had home made bacon without all the $hit they put in that store stuff then contact me.  I am sure we can arrange some sort of taste testing.  I am always game for making more bacon. 

IF I was going to charge her, the cost of the bacon would have to be $8.00 per pound.  That covers my cost of the slab, the other ingredients and the love that goes into the product.  I know you are saying to yourself, $40.00 for bacon–that is a lot.  Well let me tell you what you get.

1) You get fresh bacon.  I would be the one making it. 

2) You know what is in it.  Per the directions I have to use a little “Pink Salt” but that is actually for your safety.  Botulism sucks.

3) I can make you in variant you wish.  My next bacon slab for me will have dark cocoa in the rub.  You can have the normal maple, or a peppered, or “cherry kissed” (I use cherry wood as the smoke to give a different sweet flavor.)

4) Plus, I just called the local Safeway and they are charging $5.00 for the Club Card Price.  Their bacon v. my bacon is like first class v. cargo plane!!!!!!!!!!!!

I also have been trying to make different burger blends.  Just feel free to contact me if you are interested in trying some of my food.

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Can This Go Somewear?


I am very excited. This is for two reasons. 1) Someone is kind of paying me for bacon. and 2) I just got the ability to accept credit cards.

I’m not making any money on the bacon so it’s basically someone is paying for the stuff and I make it. If I am ever able to actually sell I know that bacon is going to be $8.00 per pound. Now I know that sounds high but the bacon is homemade. It is cured with loving hands and not some machine. It can be customized.

The PayPal device attaches to my phone and I can swipe cards. How freaking cool is that.

By the way I’m going to make some andouille tomorrow.

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