Making Bacon

Making Bacon

So recently a friend of mine asked me to make her some bacon as a gift for her Dad.  How could I say no!  So far bacon is my favorite product to make.  All it takes is some time, 8 days to be exact, and some love.  I went and got her a 5 pound slab and started the curing process 8 days ago.  I just placed it in the smoker as you may be able to see.  In about 2 more hours she will have the best thing to hit her tongue.  I would not be surprised if dear old Dad never sees the bacon.  ITS THAT GOOD!!!!  If you have never had home made bacon without all the $hit they put in that store stuff then contact me.  I am sure we can arrange some sort of taste testing.  I am always game for making more bacon. 

IF I was going to charge her, the cost of the bacon would have to be $8.00 per pound.  That covers my cost of the slab, the other ingredients and the love that goes into the product.  I know you are saying to yourself, $40.00 for bacon–that is a lot.  Well let me tell you what you get.

1) You get fresh bacon.  I would be the one making it. 

2) You know what is in it.  Per the directions I have to use a little “Pink Salt” but that is actually for your safety.  Botulism sucks.

3) I can make you in variant you wish.  My next bacon slab for me will have dark cocoa in the rub.  You can have the normal maple, or a peppered, or “cherry kissed” (I use cherry wood as the smoke to give a different sweet flavor.)

4) Plus, I just called the local Safeway and they are charging $5.00 for the Club Card Price.  Their bacon v. my bacon is like first class v. cargo plane!!!!!!!!!!!!

I also have been trying to make different burger blends.  Just feel free to contact me if you are interested in trying some of my food.

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