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I am a little mad at my old crush

In the month of June (2013) I was sick a lot. Basically the left side of my chest was filled with fluid and I was only breathing using my right lung. So I was off work; A LOT. At least I was able to watch some TV.

I was flipping channels and I came across a lady who was on my list. You know the type of list where your spouse would be OK with you “getting it on–if they asked.” It was Rachel Ray. She has her own talk show now. I did not really know this as I work for a living and do not normally stay home during the day and watch day time TV. But there she was; MY 30 MINUTE GIRL. This new TV show (again–new to me) is just not all about cooking. They have guests and hot topics for the day. Then at the end comes the food.

I was getting excited. I have not seen her on a show for some time and I was going to learn something. Like 30 min meals or $40.00 per day I was going to get some great tidbit of information. Well guess what the only thing I learned was that her audience was mesmerized by melting cheese on a tortilla and then adding a meat. Yes, she made a freaking quesadilla. I bet she could have got the same response if she boiled water. Needless to say I was disappointed.

I was disappointed not because she made a quesadilla; but because she did not teach anyone anything. She just impressed the audience because the food looked good. I am here to tell you people, you can polish shit and make it look good. Rachel, there are people that want to know why you used the cheese you used, or what made up the shredded meat.

That is why here on this blog and with Smoke&Salt, I am going to strive to teach you something. I want to impart you with knowledge not impress you with cool pictures. Granted I do post pretty neat stuff like my bacon, but I hope that I show you there is a depth to smoking foods. That curing a ham is an art not just a gimmick.

When you are working with food, be creative and patient. Understand what and why you are adding something. By doing this you will grow as a cook.

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