Wow, November is almost over…what does December have?

I feel like I have been on a nonstop wonder ride of awesomeness since the beginning of this month. Granted at first the ride was not all that fun. It started with a “regular” job move to a new floor. Where this move seemed like a complete underhanded move against our Suicide Prevention Unit.

However we saw that the move was good for me (and I am finding that our unit is doing well at our new home). I met my boss and then I met her husband; that husband is a chef at Ten22. Him and I met and he got some samples of my sausage and meat. It was a very productive meeting and there might be a chance I can make more sausage and or bacon for Ten22. We will see.

Recently I started talking to a man who may be interested in buying meats from Smoke&Salt. So with this, I am meeting with a wonderful woman who will give me directions on what I need to do to go legit with this. I am so excited.

Then we had Thanksgiving. I was thinking about trying to do a fried turkey, but I did not want to spend that much. So I went with SMOKING A TURKEY. It was good. I put it in brine and then we smoked it for over 6 hours. So succulent and juicy. I will be doing a turkey again soon as it gives us a lot of meat and is very cost effective. Look for other posts for pictures.

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