Sitting on an idea

I want to have T-Shirts Made with famous lines from movies. Here are some of the ideas I have so far.

“May the bacon forever be in your favor.”
“I love Bacon……I Know”
“I’ll Be Bacon!”
“You had me at Bacon.”
“May you live long and eat bacon (everyday).”
“Ferris Bacon.”
Braveheart (1995)

William Wallace: Every man dies, not every man really eats bacon

Just some of my thoughts..

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Lesson of Bacon

2-4-2013 and the world changed forever. It changed because I reached out and touched the future; I tough at San Juan High School. Yes, I bestowed by knowledge upon the kids of the future.
Teacher Jeff
Profressor Jeff
Jedi Master Jeff
No….just regular Jeff and I tought BACON. I was invited to come and teach my method of curing the belly, letting it make its own brine, and then placing it in the smoke until wonderful bacon is made. I will write more soon.

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This is going to be my new business name.

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Good Things Come in 3’s – Open For Business (soon) (3 of 3)

Do you want home-made bacon?
Do you want your bacon to have a customized flavor?
Do you want sausage that will kick the a$$ off of Aidell’s sausage–both in taste and cost?
or Do you want a professional to cook that expensive piece of meat so your guests are not disappointed?

Well then you will want to contact Nobody Beats My Meat the Business!
The good news is that I am in negotiations with an official restaurant that will allow me to cook my foods and sell them to my customers. Currently in California one can bake cookies, apple pies, brownies, etc and then sell them out of the home. But one can not sell out of the home products of dairy (think cheese) and MEAT!!!! I thank Gov Brown for extending the abilities for people to make a living from their home, but I am not happy that it stopped at meat.

So the only way I can legally sell my wares is to create them in a licensed professional kitchen. Well I found just a place. I was very picky and needed a place that will allow me to use it on a very limited basis. At this point in my life I still need to work full-time, and I have a nice job with the State of California. So this business will be on the weekends and at night. Who knows, once more people taste the heavenly food that is my bacon (or sausage) it might just take off and I WILL HAVE TO QUIT and devote 100% of my time to the business. But for now I am good.

These negotiations are new and there are a lot of details hammer out but I wanted to tell the world. I have always wanted to me an entrepreneur and I have now found a hobby/passion that could take me that direction. Who knows, one day maybe I can have my own smoke house. I am super excited.

All three of these exciting posts tonight would not have been possibly without a loving family and a super impressive wife. 2012, the Christmas of Meat, might also be called the start of a new career or journey. With a simple and wonderful gift from my wife I might not have to work another day in my life because I am doing what I love. I love you Nikki.

Stay tuned for more details as I get them.
Also, I may have to change my business name, so if you have suggestions, please comment and let me know.

Nobody Beats My Meat


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Good Things Come In 3’s — Teaching Bacon! (2 of 3)


Remember that date.

You ask why?
2/4/2013 is the date that I will be teaching the art of making bacon to a group of culinary students. Yes I am going to be teaching young minds the art of Charcuterie. Or to quote Darth Vader, “The circle is now complete. When I left you I was but the learner and now I am the Master.” I know the quote is a stretch in this case, but I do not often get the chance to quote Star Wars.

You may also ask why I, Jeff Kukral, have been asked to help mold the minds of the youth. My only answer is…because my bacon and other meats is to freaking die for. The great teacher at San Juan High School Culinary Academy recognizes awesomeness and thinks a guest teacher is just what her kids need.

I am going to teach there!!!!

I am going to teach there!!!!

I am so very excited. For about three hours I will be able to teach the kids how to brine the pork belly and how the process works. I get to teach them how the “pink salt” kills pathogens like Botulism and how sea salt brings out moisture and then it gets sucked back into the meat.

I have a little bit of time, but I really need to start working on my lesson plan. Thank goodness I am married to a super teacher that will help me. At least I hope she will help me. (WINK WINK-Honey)

So far the plan is that I will have three slabs of pork belly in various stages of the curing process. The 1st one will be one without the cure and the lesson will be the art of mixing the salts and then spreading them over the belly. The next will be about half way through the process. Letting the kids see and feel this will show them how the cure changes the belly and turns it into bacon. Finally the goal is to have a slab in the smoker and at the end allow the kids to taste a fresh smoked slab. How freaking exciting is this. A student at the academy.

I am a little worried however. I know how to cure, I know how to smoke, I know how to create delicious food, but I do not know how to teach. Thank goodness the teacher will be there and I learned my wife will be on campus so if she hears me yelling she might come save me. Remember she is the super teacher. (HAHA)

I am just so excited about this opportunity and I would like to thank Sandi and the Culinary Academy. Please take a moment and learn more about this wonderful school and the Culinary Pathway within it.

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Good Things Come In 3’s — Bacon Fest (1 of 3)

WOW…good things my friends, good things.

Let me talk about them one at a time.
SACRAMENTO’s BACON FEST 2013 Bacon Fest 2013

I am teaming up with a legitimate local restaurant chef/mentor (I don’t know if I have permission to share the name yet) and we are going to enter Bacon Fest 2014 next year. We had our first meeting the other night and discussed some specifics.

Our first step is to go to this year’s Bacon Fest and see what the competition will be working on. After we see the “enemy” we can work on what we want to cook. I will be selecting some fresh pork belly and curing it about a week and a half before the event. Working with my sous chef (her idea) we will then create our masterpiece. It will blow the mind and the taste palate.

Savory or Sweet
Single Bite or A Dish

I kind of want to stick to savory as I think everyone is wowed with sweet bacon dishes. Things like bacon ice cream or bacon cake are really good but I want people to be surprised with the simplicity of bacon its self. We have plenty of time to think about our ideas, but the first thing to pop into my head is a really rich bacon soup. But as I said, we have time to think.

Now, I proclaim that I am going to enter Bacon Fest 2014 when I don’t know even if that is a possibility. I just do not see why they would not allow another person to this great event. My sous chef knows some of the big wigs here in Sacramento when it comes to food so we might have an “in”. We will see. But for now we will go to the event later this month and plan on being at the event next year. .

*FYI, the picture for this post comes from the Bacon Fest Website. Giving Credit Where Credit is Due. *

(Please comment if you have any ideas.)

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This is Getting Serious

I am super excited. I am moving forward with moving this hobby to a business. I have always wanted to have my own business…be my own boss…be in control of my future. The future is what I am going to make of it.

I do not want to go into detail about my plans yet. They are still under construction but trust me….they are going to be great. Its not going to be fast but the best things in life are worth waiting for. In the mean time, keep looking to this blog for updates into my “meat madness”. Yummy things are coming.

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Corned Beef #2 – Success

ImageI know this very nice lady.  Her name is S.S. (have to keep it private.)  She is a major foodie and has traveled all over eating some of the best foods there is.  Do you want to know what she said about my corned beef?  She said that it equals, if not surpasses, corned beef she has had in New York City.  Can you believe that?  What a great compliment.  

It was my first try at corned beef.  In fact, it was my first shot at leaving anything in a brine.  For 5 days that meat soaked in all the goodness of the bring that I had created.  Then on the 6th day I rinsed and I boiled.  (By the way, on the 7th day I drank a beer with the profit I made from the person who bought the meat from me.  For privacy sake I can not tell you that I made a ton of money on 13lbs of meat—can’t tell you that.)  The aroma in the house was awesome as the meat became tender during the boil.  I tried a little bit of the meat when it was all done and I loved it.  Truthfully I never had corned beef before; it was never on the menu at my house.  But it will be from now on.  There is no reason that a cheap cut of meat, like brisket, can not make its way to my plate more often if all you do is soak and boil.  

It was sooo good.

Now I am on to a new adventure tomorrow.  My wonderful friend Corey L, just gave me 3 wonderful ducks.  They are in the fridge right now.  Tomorrow I need to somehow do the following:

  1. Take Off The Feathers
  2. Gut Them
  3. Get over my insane fear of anything dead with a head on it.  I mean really, I chose not to go to medical school becasue I found out that I hate dead things with a head.  I could easily work on a person’s heart if it was still beating, but as soon as it stops and the person is dead (or animal in this case) I get freaked out. 

But I am going to get over that stupid fear (even though one of the ducks is looking at me through the bag).  When I get over my fear I am going to make the best duck confit you have ever had.  Or maybe Peking duck.  We will see.  More later my friends and remember you can save money and your health by buying bulk and breaking down your own food.  

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Corned Beef

Corned Beef

I have not blogged for a while and I am very excited to share with you my new project. I am doing corned beef. Very exciting. This is going to be my first dance into the wonderful world of brine. This wonderful bit of meat will be submerged into a beautiful salt bath for 5 days before coming out to be cooked. I will post some more soon.

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17 September, 2012 05:56

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