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Corned Beef #2 – Success

ImageI know this very nice lady.  Her name is S.S. (have to keep it private.)  She is a major foodie and has traveled all over eating some of the best foods there is.  Do you want to know what she said about my corned beef?  She said that it equals, if not surpasses, corned beef she has had in New York City.  Can you believe that?  What a great compliment.  

It was my first try at corned beef.  In fact, it was my first shot at leaving anything in a brine.  For 5 days that meat soaked in all the goodness of the bring that I had created.  Then on the 6th day I rinsed and I boiled.  (By the way, on the 7th day I drank a beer with the profit I made from the person who bought the meat from me.  For privacy sake I can not tell you that I made a ton of money on 13lbs of meat—can’t tell you that.)  The aroma in the house was awesome as the meat became tender during the boil.  I tried a little bit of the meat when it was all done and I loved it.  Truthfully I never had corned beef before; it was never on the menu at my house.  But it will be from now on.  There is no reason that a cheap cut of meat, like brisket, can not make its way to my plate more often if all you do is soak and boil.  

It was sooo good.

Now I am on to a new adventure tomorrow.  My wonderful friend Corey L, just gave me 3 wonderful ducks.  They are in the fridge right now.  Tomorrow I need to somehow do the following:

  1. Take Off The Feathers
  2. Gut Them
  3. Get over my insane fear of anything dead with a head on it.  I mean really, I chose not to go to medical school becasue I found out that I hate dead things with a head.  I could easily work on a person’s heart if it was still beating, but as soon as it stops and the person is dead (or animal in this case) I get freaked out. 

But I am going to get over that stupid fear (even though one of the ducks is looking at me through the bag).  When I get over my fear I am going to make the best duck confit you have ever had.  Or maybe Peking duck.  We will see.  More later my friends and remember you can save money and your health by buying bulk and breaking down your own food.  

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